The Move: A Short Animated Paper Film by Mandy Smith


Before we can talk about “The Move” as a film you must first start with all of the incredible elements that are seen throughout. The house, the interior and the set are what clearly make this film a work of art and Mandy Smith is the craft master behind it all. With only the use of paper, glue, foam board and wire, she has delicately crafted a very unique piece of work depicting a little of the heart of Amsterdam.

With Mandy’s inspiration being the architecture in Amsterdam and her love of paper, everything from the shingles, to detailing of the parrot in the cage, to the tiny quilled flowers on the lawn can only make one stand in awe when you look up closely and see the craftsmanship placed in this masterpiece.







Last but surely not least the moment we have all been waiting for, Mandy Smith’s short film inspired by moving houses in Amsterdam.

Direction and Art Direction/ Mandy Smith
DOP/ Ties Versteegh
Stunt Co-ordinator/ Lars Siemens
Music and Sound Design/ Lawrence Horne, Piers Burbrook de Vere and Jeremy Yang
Online Artist/ Daisy Hulsken
Grading/ Rachel Stone
Post Production/ The Ambassadors

images via Mandy Smith

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