Paper Theatrics by Alfalfa Studio


New York-based design firm Alfalfa Studio had been chosen to make a series of theatrical posters for Texas-based theatre company Amphibian Stage Productions and have done a marvelous job of producing the three-dimensional quality of theater to the more common two-dimensional space of a poster. Provided also is a look behind the scenes into their process in producing a fine poster series.


Since they had started collaborating in 2004, Alfalfa Studio has created over forty posters for Amphibian’s theatrical works, all of them pushing the creative boundaries even further with this year’s 12th season, the Alfalfa Studio team (Minal Nairi, Aldis Ozolins, Patricia Arzimanoglu) under the creative direction of founder Rafael Esquer.


“Armed with scissors, cardboard, glue, threads, and other craft materials, the designers set about bringing the stage works to life through paper. Esquer explains, “The same desire to further Amphibian’s mission in producing ‘innovative and engaging works of theatre’ drove us to the creation of visuals out of paper…We created images that have dimensionality and appeal to the senses, inviting viewers to ‘feel’ the themes and conflicts in the play.’” — Imprint Magazine


images via Imprint Magazine

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