Euphoria v.2 A Paper Installation by Vanessa Alarie


From a recently ended exhibition in Montreal, Canada comes Euphoria v.2, a paper cut installation by Vanessa Alarie that measures 183 x 488 x 366 cm. Her work is very reminiscent of the PENUMBRA Cloudscapes exhibition by Mia Pearlman that I previously blogged.

This particular piece is a blend of another one of her works, Euphoria as well as a few pieces of InTempsPérie which was added due to the ceiling height the exhibition hall, hence the making of a version two.


Sensual fusion of forces of this world, euphoria detail, symbiosis patterns exploding gently in a universe that defy the space-time. All these shapes cut from paper, all these gaps through which pass the light ensure the continuation of the journey: that of the eye, heart and mind. Spaces for silence and contemplation. — Vanessa Alarie


images via Vanessa Alarie

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