The 2010 PNC Christmas Price Index – Pop Up Book

Since 27 years the PNC Christmas Price Index® shows the current cost for one set of each of the gifts given in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. This years PNC Christmas Price Index® is a beautifully created pop up book which was animated and turned into a fun interactive experience. Enjoy the experience and learn more about the index on

The PNC Christmas Price Index® is similar to the Consumer Price Index, which measures changes in prices of goods and services like housing, food, clothing, transportation and more that reflect the spending habits of the average American.

The goods and services in the PNC Christmas Price Index® are far more whimsical. But most years, their price changes closely mirror those in the Consumer Price Index. It’s a fun way to measure consumer spending and trends in the economy. So even if pipers piping or geese a-laying didn’t make your gift list, you can still learn a lot by checking out how their prices have gone up and down over the years.

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  • Very nice video! I will never get drummers and dancers for my wife this year! lol They cost more than what we plan to prepare for the holiday feast! lol