Paper style 3D illustrations by Yum Yum, London

yum yum london - PaperCharacter
Yum Yum is a London, England based animation, illustration, and design studio. They make awesome toys, really fun animations and these amazingly looking 3d illustrations that look like real paper crafts. This little dude above was born out of the process of a tutorial about 3d illustration for the magazine 3d world. The little guy below was created for the cover of Digital Arts magazine.

yum yum london - Digital Paper Craft Illustration
Images via Yum Yum.

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  • The only word comes to my mind is “WoW”! Superbly done, I am just loving the level of creativity exposed here. Thank you Daniel for sharing this. When is a time to check out your next post, please?

  • Wow! Mind blowing illustrations work. I gathered lot of information from your post. I appreciate your vast skill. Thanks for sharing it to us. Hope to see more post.

  • Hi Daniel,you did a good job man.It’s so creative.Thanks for sharing with us

  • Great work.Looks very creative and pretty good here.

  • Excellence task . Its looking very blowingly . I’m pleased after seeing you job guy . I admire your skill .

  • Very Nice illustrations Yum yum. Thank you

  • Its really awesome.

  • Aww is that cute! :)