Cardboard Pinhole Hasselblad by Kelly Angood


Kelly Angood is an England based set designer and maker of both props and functional objects who has replicated a Pinhole Hasselblad based on her desire to own one herself. Only utilizing the internet and books as her point of reference, she has produced the Hasselblad on screen-printed corrugated cardboard and made it into a fully functioning replica that accepts 120 film.

“For me, making these objects dealt with the often problematic nature of desire and ownership- the act of ‘making’ the objects both exercised and reconciled the desire to own without the need to actually possess an ‘original’ of these exclusive objects. ” – Kelly Angood

Below you can also see the quality of pictures taken with the camera. If your interested in making one for yourself, she has even thoughtfully provided a link for download, which will be available for request at the start of this February. So make sure to shoot her an e-mail.

images via Kelly Angood

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