Zim and Zou Paper Forest Greeting Card Installation

Zim and Zou is a french graphic design studio comprised of Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann based in Nancy (France). Since Christmas is just around the corner this couldn’t be a better time to showcase their latest piece — a holiday greeting card entitled Paper Forest created in collaboration with Seeonee for Grant Thornton.

As you scroll down you can see the detailing they have placed in this piece and you come to realize that it is much larger than it appears. The installation itself measures a width of 2.8m, a height of 2m and a depth of 2m, making it the largest installation they have completed to date. To see more of their cutting edge work you can visit www.zimandzou.fr.
Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

images via Zim and Zou

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  • Wow what an art! I love paper work art. I like your site very much.
    Thanks for this.