Naoki Kawamoto: Orishiki Suitcase

Japanese product designer Naoki Kawamoto has utilized the inspiring style of origami folding to develop the ‘Orishiki Suitcase’, a traveling suitcase equipped with wheels that folds out flat for ease in storing and adaptability.

“Orishiki” is a hybrid word composed of “Ori ”, taken f rom Origami, Japanese paper-folding art, and “Shiki ” taken f rom Furoshiki, Japanese traditional wrapping cloth which is large enough to wrap and transport goods and gifts, as well as wearing them as scarves. “ORISHIKI” is a new carrying device consisting of a single piece of two dimensional structure, constructed of triangular segments which can be folded like origami, and can wrap things like furoshiki. The geometric bag is not only idiosyncratic in its appearance but also in its highly speacialized production process. The unique process can be applied to just about any productions without losing its unique product identity. — Naoki Kawamoto

The ‘Orishiki Suitcase’ is lined with silk and comprised of a hard outer surface that folds in on itself to create a three dimensional piece. It was shown recently as a part of the Designtide exhibition during this year’s Tokyo Designer Week. To see more of their work visit

images via Designboom

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