Paper lettering project for EMPO by Gerard Miró

Empo-Girard Miro-LoSiento

“EMPO is a psycho-osteopathy school and office. The project takes the study of the human body and its parts as a starting point. We decided to represent the organs and bone structure in a physical and volumetric form, using colored cardboard in the search of a certain school-nostalgia feeling. At the same time, we started studying the way to create an exclusive alphabet for the project: it should “lift” in random volumes to hold an organic reminiscence.” – LoSiento

Empo-Girard Miro-LoSiento

Empo-Girard Miro-LoSientoEmpo-Girard Miro-LoSiento
Empo-Girard Miro-LoSientoEmpo-Girard Miro-LoSientoEmpo-Girard Miro-LoSientoEmpo-Girard Miro-LoSiento

Empo-Girard Miro-LoSientoEmpo-Girard Miro-LoSiento

Client: EMPO
Type: School of Organic Ostheopathy
Design of Identity: 3D Polyhedral Body Organs + Alphabet / Lettering
Production&Design: Gerard Miró, LoSiento
Award: Grand Laus 2010

images via LoSiento

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