Microbiological Motifs Through Laser Cut Paper

Microbiological Motifs Through Laser Cut Paper by Rogan Brown

Keeping in mind the references related to coral, bacteria, pathogens, diatoms, fungi etc…, Rogan Brown‘s latest works are a correlation of paper cut by hand and laser cutting to create an incredibly detailed and varied visual texture. Each microbiological motif is however completely fictive and imagined. He states, “It is this interplay between the imagination and the “real” world that fascinates me, reality is transformed and estranged through the creative process which paradoxically makes the finished work more real and unique.” Rogan’s unique pieces identify patterns and motifs that occur in the natural world in different contexts and at different scales, both macroscopic and microscopic. He has developed a formal, aesthetic vocabulary that he uses to construct hybrid sculptural forms, half real, half surreal.
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Geometric Cut Paper Pattern Collages by Elise Wehle

Elise Wehle Geometric Cut Pattern Paper Collages - LIke a Fire is Burning

California native Elise Wehle studied art at Brigham Young University in Utah, but found her calling and understood the type of art she wanted to create after living in Spain for a year. Surrounded by the patterns that cover Andalucía, Wehle began using similar patterns within her own collages. Yet, it was the Alhambra, a Moorish palace covered in intricate, hand carved patterns, that influenced Wehle the most. These hand-cut paper designs are comprised of layers of an assemblage of mixed media, transforming the images into distressed and textured compositions. She states, “It’s not surprising then that after I saw my first cut paper artwork, a beautiful piece by Donna Ruff, I knew I needed this process in my creative life. It represented that human presence, imperfect but dedicated, that I admired so much in others’ work. I started experimenting with cutting paper soon afterward.” The moodiness of each person is captured with each defining slice, as if windows to each subjects soul.
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Wonderfully Illuminated Cut Paper Dioramas by Hari & Deepti

Hari and Deepti The Illuminated Valley

I’m always in shock an awe from artists who are able to transport you to a different world, or dimension for that matter, with their work. Artist duo Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker, known collectively as Hari & Deepti, does just that! They are two Colorado-based artists originally from India, who construct these incredibly picturesque cut paper dioramas that illustrate scenes of wondrous adventures and travel to fantasy worlds. Each shadowbox is filled with stories and imagination, brought to life by illumination to capture a fairytale essence and magic for the viewer. “They have always been drawn towards the imaginative aspect of story telling,” quoted from Black Book Gallery. “Stories have so many shades and depth in them, and paper as a medium has the exact qualities to reflect and interpret them.” Their most recent works will be featured during CONTEXT Art Miami from Nov 29th – Dec 4th at Black Book Gallery, Booth 226, so be sure to swing by!
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Dome+: Lightweight Lamps Crafted from Paper and Cement

Dome +: A Lightweight Lamps Crafted from Paper and Cement by Rita Koralevis

Cool urban features and raw organic elements are brought together in the design of the Dome+ lamp through a play on textures and contrasting yet complementing materials. The lamps are designed by Paper Up! founder Rita Koralevics, an artist and designer who creates handmade paper objects using recycled materials. The Budapest-based designer has a passion for eco-friendly handcrafted products and modern design, and the Dome+ lamp exemplifies this perfectly. Shaped like a dome, the lamp is made from cement and paper, a combination that ensures it is both lightweight and tough. The heavily textured surface boasts a line pattern and is complemented by a smooth bamboo strap which can be used to tilt the concrete section to direct the light, making it a perfect fit to your own interior. A textile covered gray cord connects the concrete and wood elements, while metal bolts and nuts add an industrial accent to the design. Ultimately, Dome + is designed to add a creative accent to living spaces or commercial settings but it also offers a playful take on eco-friendly lighting. Photography by Ákos Sarkadi-Tóth.
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Artist Creates Hyperrealistic Cut Paper Illustrations Based On Photographs

Thomas Witte Creates Hyperrealistic Cut Paper Illustrations Based On Photographs - Lookout 4

Thomas Witte is a beyond talented cut paper artist, whose work focuses primarily on capturing the essence of a photograph by meticulously cutting out the negative spaces in paper. His background started in the vibrant stencil graffiti scene in Argentina, and his time there solidified his interest in this particular technique. Currently based out of New Jersey, Witte creates these immaculately detailed works, that are so accurately depicted you almost wonder, hmmm is this really cut paper. Well I can tell you that I have had a couple of occasions of seeing his work first hand and they definitely are. Now he is working on larger scale pieces, like we learned in his past interview and I’m excited to see his latest works which will be on display at the Davidson Contemporary Gallery, Booth N-100 at PULSE Miami from December 1-4th. So check it out!
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New Portraits Made From Hundreds of Punched Paint Chips

New Portraits Made From Hundreds of Punched Paint Chips - Liz Claiborne

I will be attending the art fairs in Miami Beach this year and I’m super excited to share some of the talented artists that will be exhibiting there. One in particular that I have written about previously is Peter Combe, San Francisco based artist whose fascination with the subtle shifts of light, color and movement in his art, creates three dimensional portraits comprised of thousands of household paint swatches that have been punched or shredded.

Drawing from a spectrum of 1,100 colors, he works tonally–each color of the single colors are placed based on tone rather than hue, providing an almost pointillist finish. Since the discs are set at 45 degree angles, depending on the vantage point of the viewer, they subtly transform, an effect that is difficult to imagine whilst not being present before the work. So, for your viewing pleasure, his work will be on display for Art Miami at the Andrea Schwartz Gallery, originally based in San Francisco, from Nov 29th – Dec 4th and for Robert Fontaine Gallery, Booth 112 at CONTEXT Art Fair Nov 29 – Dec 4.
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Textural Hand-Torn Monochrome Paper Tapestries Inspired by Nature

Textural Monochrome Hand-Torn Paper Tapestries Inspired by Nature - Nests

Bianca Severijns is a Dutch-Israeli paper artist based in Ramot Hashawim. Over the years in her studio called “Peace of Paper,” she has developed her own unique artistic style, incorporating pieces of hand-torn paper woven together to create these breathtaking tapestries. Severijn’s inspiration comes from nature, where her use of a multi layering technique and monochrome coloring from white acrylic paint, generates the result of a textured and holistic installation with harmonious complexity, similar to nests.
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Cosmic Surgery: Origami Portraits by Alma Haser

Cosmic Surgery: Origami Portraits by Alma Haser

London based, German photographer Alma Haser has an all too familiar portrait series entitled Cosmic Surgery, which we saw a glimpse of previously. This collection includes newer portraits specifically for PULSE Miami Beach. Her works have a process made up of three distinct stages. Firstly Alma photographs her sitter, then prints multiple images of the subjects face and folds them into a complicated origami modular construction, which then gets placed back onto the original face of the portrait. Finally the whole piece is re-photographed.

Her works will be on display during PULSE Miami Beach at the De Soto Gallery, Booth N-302 through December 31, 2016, so be sure to check it out and maybe I will see you there! You can also grab her new pop-up book featuring this series, which has some really nice origami pop-ups toward the back, as you can see in the video below.
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New Intricate Stained Glass Windows from Colorful Laser Cut Paper (Video)

New Intricate Stained Glass Windows from Colorful Laser Cut Paper (Video) - Arch 6

Virginia based artist Eric Standley has a body of work, as we have seen previously, that consists of compositions that use upwards of 250 sheets of colorful laser-cut archival paper that have been carefully layered and can take almost a year to produce. These laser-cut masterpieces, reminiscent of stained glass windows, are inspired by geometry found in Gothic and Islamic architectural ornamentation in an attempt to capture a reverence for the infinite. “I am interested in the conceptual migration from the permanence and massiveness of stone to the fragility and intimacy of paper,” he mentions in an artist statement. You can see just how astounding his works are from this latest series, but also the video below captures the true awe inspiring wow factor of how incredibly detailed these works truly are.
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Artist Creates Massive Altered Book Sculptures Coated in Wax

Artist Creates Massive Altered Book Sculptures Coated in Wax by Jessica Drenk - Reading Our Remains Carving

Interested in archeology and paleontology, South Carolina based artist Jessica Drenk transforms mass-produced commercial products such as books, PVC piping, and toilet paper into organic forms that resonate with their material origins. Drenk cuts and carves book sculptures into old volumes and transforms them into fossil-like structures that she coats with wax, leaving some of them smooth to the touch. The play between form and material draws a parallel between the archival impulses of books and archaeology, and posits a common fate for all objects. “On a long enough time scale, there is no difference between manmade and nature; in the life cycle of objects, everything eventually returns to the earth,” Drenk has said. Tactile and textural, her sculptures highlight the chaos and beauty that can be found in simple organic materials. Drenk’s work is also influenced by systems of information and the impulse to develop an encyclopedic understanding of the world.
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