Paper Quilled Roses and Typography Inspired by Shining Light Lyrics


Lavanya Naidoo is a paper artist and tactile designer based in South Africa, whose talents and mastery in quilled artwork and typography are absolutely stunning. I was particularly drawn to her piece entitled “Thorn in My Side,” a personal project where the quote was inspired by the musical lyrics from Ash’s song ‘Shining Light’ and it aptly fit into her love for David Austin roses.
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Wonderfully Vibrant Miniature Paper House Series by Cameron Garland


Seattle-based cut-paper artist and illustrator Cameron Garland’s portfolio has a wide array of vibrant paper cut illustrations that leave you in shock and awe of his talents, especially since a lot of his works are at a super small scale. That’s right, itty bitty, super tiny paper craft works. In this particular series, the focus is on some of his latest miniature paper sculptures, a themed paper house series.

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Mythological Greek Paper Cut Illustrations by Sameena Jehanzeb


Sameena Jehanzeb is a German artist, certified in graphic and communication design, illustration and paper cut artistry. In this series entitled The Old Masters, one of her favorite projects so far, she was inspired by Greek mythology and the incredibly detailed and stunning sculptures from that era. In these three paper illustrations, she has utilized the positive and negative space beautifully, showing the fine details of the hair in contrast with the solid forms of the gods and goddesses curved bodies.
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Beautifully Crafted Diorama Brought to Life with Projection Mapping


It’s been a while since we have posted about the beautifully mesmerizing projection mapped works of Davy and Kristen McGuire. You may remember the piece entitled ‘Alchimie de Courvoisier’, which represented the heart of Courvoisier by reimagining the prestigious Paradis cellar encased in glass, showing the viewer the process of the how Courvoisier is made.

In this installment,‘Precious Moments’ takes place in a large paper crafted diorama measuring 3 meters wide, revealing a busy Parisian street as a corner window display. The overall theme surrounds the journey of two couples falling in love and their stories are brought to life with projection mapping.

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Ethereal Nature Inspired Paper Cut Illustrations by Kyong Ae Kim


San Fransisco based Korean artist Kyong Ae Kim, intrigued by the symbiotic relationships of ecology and the fragile vulnerability of living creatures in their surroundings, has created these series “The Skulls” and “Wildwood”, where her process involves recreating skulls and trees as paper cut illustrations, creating forest-like images which she hopes will illuminate our responsibility to protect nature and seek coexistence.
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Delicate Paper Flowers Inspired by Pencil Shavings by Haruka Misawa


These colorful and delicate paper flowers by Japanese designer Haruka Misawa were inspired by the winding spirals of pencil shavings. They are created using layers and layers of paper with color gradations, tightly rolled into cylindrical scrolls, which are then shaved using a pencil sharpener. The ever shifting forms are only about 15mm-40mm in diameter, but a closer look reveals the thinly sliced, multi-layered paper. They can be displayed on your desk or as a wall decoration and you can create different variations depending on how thick it’s sharpened.
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Art Nouveau Paper Cut Mermaid Illustration by Wai-Chung Yeung


Sydney based artist Wai-Chung Yeung is a recent Industrial Design graduate with a love for fairytales and mythology, especially those with wonderful creatures that snare the imagination (mermaids, Valkyries, forest nymphs, centaurs, you name it!). Of course naturally when you hear fairytales you think, AH! the classics like Disney, filled with tons of smiles and happy endings. In Wai’s case, she is drawn to the darkly beautiful and bittersweet versions of those widely known fairytales because of their rich poignancy and vulnerability.
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Fantastical Fairground Animation Crafted in Paper by Makerie Studio


Makerie Studio, well known for their inspiring works that go well beyond the depths of our individually unique imaginations, have teamed up again with Director André Gidoin to create a wonderfully surreal world of paper wonder in this animation, taking place high above the clouds.

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Whimsical Paper Cut Illustrations by Julene Harrison


Originally trained as a constructed textile designer, British designer and illustrator Julene Harrison merged into the paper-cutting realm after starting the craft through her job and gradually getting commissions from friends and then eventually clientele. Her works primarily consist of whimsical typographic layouts, but this medium also lends itself to portraits and a mix of commercial (editorial, advertising, publishing etc) and private (first anniversaries, weddings and invitations etc) commissions, where she is able to sustain this paper cut art as a career.
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Bold and Loud Cardboard Sculptures for Pizza Hut Ad Campaign, Behind Every Box


Pizza Hut Delivery wanted to create interesting thematic ads to show their customers all the reasons to order Pizza Hut. With the target audience of mainly young adults who are often too busy or disinclined to dine out, Ogilvy and Mather Kuala Lampur decided to not only speak to pizza lovers in an insightful and surprising manner, but to build an occasion around ordering pizza. This then translated to the thought that there are layers to every scenario; that behind every pizza box, there’s a story – a reason that someone decided to order delivery. See more behind the scenes.
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